Take care of an inhabitant and change their life

Sponsor an inhabitant

Sponsor an inhabitant

Take care of an inhabitant and change their life

Cuida de un habitante
y cambia su vida

In our shelter we live with very different species, there are not only dogs and cats, we also have horses, donkeys, cows, ducks and rabbits among others, when their sponsors help them from the heart, it means the world for them. 

You can sponsor an inhabitant with a fee starting at €5 per month. You will receive information about the inhabitant every month, a welcome certificate and discounts and special promotions.

You can give them a second change

Sponsor an inhabitant

"The La Candela Sanctuary is a non-profit organization. Our fundamental task is the rescue and rehabilitation of all rescued animals."

With your help, we give them

Love and security
Food and care
Veterinary attention

Looking for a very special gift?

More ways to help

More ways to help

Make a

Make a donation

With a one-time or recurring donation you contribute to creating a space where animals can live in peace and tranquility.


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Choose the amount you want to donate and if you want to make a one-time or recurring donation.

a partner

Become a partner

Join and help us to continue rescuing animals and saving lives.
You choose how much you want to contribute, starting at €3 per month.

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Our Amazon list

We continuously update our Amazon list based on the needs of our inhabitants.

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