Help us make a change and save lives

You can collaborate with our sanctuary in many ways. You can sponsor an inhabitant, make a donation and even donate materials, food and goods for our inhabitants.

Help us make a change and save lives

How can you help?

You can collaborate in many ways with our Sanctuary La Candela, you can sponsor an inhabitant, make a donation and even donate products, food and equipment for our inhabitants.

Make a
donation today

With a one-time or recurring donation you contribute to create a space where animals can live in peace and tranquility. All donations help us. Without them, it would not be possible to carry out our work.

You can make a donation from 3€ and it will be used to cover the expenses of the sanctuary and its inhabitants. 

Other ways to donate

One-time donations help us a lot to cover unexpected expenses.

If you want to make a one-time donation through the bank, PayPal or Bizum, here you will find our information.

If you want to make a one-time donation from your mobile, you can make us a Bizum using the code 02706 or the number +34 617 564 529
If you want to send us a donation from PayPal, you can send it to us at:

You can also make a donation to us through a bank transfer. Our information:

La Caixa
La Candela Nature Protection Association
ES48 21004732150100332075

a partner

Join us and help us to continue rescuing animals and saving lives. You choose the fee starting at 3€ per month. You will receive a membership certificate and every month we send you a newsletter with news and stories from our residents. 

You also receive 4 yoga classes and 2 vegan recipes per month!

Sponsor an inhabitant

As godmothers or godfather create a very special bond with one of our inhabitants. Thanks to you, each month we can provide you with what you need; love, security, veterinary care and good food to make her as happy as possible.

Each month we will send you news about the sanctuary and your godchild 🙂
You will also receive 4 yoga classes and 2 recipes vegans per month.


Material donations such as toys, blankets, construction tools, food, medicines, collars and harnesses are great for us and our residents. 

You can make a shipment or make a donation at our physical points located in Madrid and Seville.

PLANETA VEGANO – Calle del Ave María, 34, 28012 Madrid

VEGAN EAT SEVILLA – 7, Correduría, 41003 Sevilla

LA VEGANA – Calle Garcilaso de la Vega, 18, 41010 Sevilla

RED VERDE – Calle Relator, 44, 41003 Sevilla

VEGANITESSEN – Mercado del Arenal, Calle Pastor y Landero, S/N, 41001 Sevilla

HOSPIMÓVIL – Calle Feria, 48, 41003 Sevilla


For €1 a month you can be part of our teaming family, granite by granite is a great help for us.

You just have to click on the button and join our group on the platform Teaming


We continuously update our Amazon list based on the needs of our inhabitants.

Just click on the button to see our Amazon wish list


Solidarity gifts

Amazon List

At Amazon we are updating our wish list as our inhabitants need it.

You just have to click on the button to see our Amazon wish list

Soidarity gifts

Our GoFundMe campaigns

Our GoFundMe

A safe place for our biggest inhabitants

We want to prepare a place of peace for the horses and cows of the sanctuary. 10 hectares just for them, in a bresca forest area full of natural shadows and a lake, the area where we used to do the yoga retreats and activities, so we can take advantage of some grounds and plains that we already had made.

"Potentially Dangerous Dogs" Campaign

We believe that this group of strong dogs with specific ethological needs are living a holocaust out there. Hundreds of them are directly euthanized and others live years and years in small cages from which they never come out.

We want to help them and create a specific space for them, which meets all the structural needs for a good ethological and physical development. We believe that the work of an animal sanctuary is this, to improve as much as possible the life of all animals, whatever species they are.

Companies that collaborate with our sanctuary

Buying with them, you also help our inhabitants

Elaboration of all kinds of personalized badges for dogs and cats, as well as jewelry, bracelets, key ring earrings… Handmade, fair market and vegan. With any purchase applying the discount code they donate us x

Are you getting married or having a special event? Invitations, bookmarks, cards…all products are plantable and sustainable. We donate 20% of your purchase.

How to donate? VERY EASY, before you place your order contact us so we can give you notice.

aydog andalucia

aydog andalucía is the official distributor of Vitake feed brand in the community of Andalusia. Vitake is a naturally produced, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and monoproteic feed.

If you want to make a donation of feed, use the code LACANDELA and you will receive a 20% discount. Aydog will take care of sending us your donation directly.

Sustainable, vegan and fair market shoes. Apply the code LA CANDELA and part of your purchase will be donated to us.

With your weekly purchase of these 100% vegan boxes and using the code LA CANDELA we donate €2.

With your weekly purchase of these 100% vegan boxes and using the code LA CANDELA we donate €2.

Vegan food store with all kinds of vegan products and lots of offers and discounts. Apply the code VEGA CANDELA on your purchase. In addition you will receive a -5% discount.

Redes Portoverde promotes a very natural way of feeding horses and that we ourselves are implementing with the horses of the Sanctuary.

Use the code LACANDELA in your purchase and receive a free net for transport. In addition, for every 25 uses of the code, they will give the Sanctuary a pack of slow feeder bags.

AKA Colors has helped us fill our doggie play park with color.

The paints specially designed for graffiti are a product developed and manufactured entirely in Valencia, Spain. The main commitment that motivates AKA Colors: the best value for money on the market.

Thank you for giving them a second chance

Thank you for giving them a second chance

Our residents depend on you

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